Workout Resources

At Get Fit LLC, we recognize that there are three important aspects to a successful exercise program in order to achieve the results. These are:

1. Stay consistent with your resistance training. Staying consistent with your workout is vital to achieving of your goals. It’s all about keeping muscle tissue. Remember: “If you don’t use it, you lose it!" If you need to cancel a session, try to set up another session that week. Missing sessions delays your progress toward achieving your goals.

2. Stay consistent with your cardio workouts. Staying consistent with your cardio plan is also vital to good health. Cardio is the key to burning extra calories and keeping your heart strong and healthy. Remember: “A strong healthy heart does not have to work as hard as an unhealthy heart!"

3. Stay consistent with your nutrition program. Food plays a very important role in your health and fitness. Be aware of your portion sizes and the types of food you eat. Avoid fast foods; if you can't, try to choose the healthiest food available. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink plenty of water. Remember: “It’s all about calories in vs. calories out."

There are some wonderful websites available to help you track your daily nutrition and exercise:

After a workout, sore muscles can be expected. Make sure you drink lots of water, do some stretching and keep moving. If you feel you need chiropractic care to assist the body in healing, I would recommend Dr. Gary Sclabassi at Oakland Chiropractic ( He has helped me when I have strained the muscles in my neck and back.