Exercise & Nutritional Videos for Sale

Are you looking for an exercise routine to do on your own? Need some basic nutritional information on calories, macronutrients, or how to read food labels? 

Get Fit With Lola has videos just for YOU ... the video is emailed to you, monthly, and you can view the video as often as you wish, during the calendar month.

There are new videos every month. You can even take me along on vacation, when you don't have access to your favorite gym or classes.

The cost per video is $4.99/month and there's no sales tax!! There are multiple videos 
available and the more you buy, the more you save: 4 videos for $14.99 and 6 videos for $19.99.

Once the order is placed and payment is received, the video is email directly to you and you may view on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet.


The Get Fit With Lola video library consists of:

•    Full Body workouts - weight & Cardio
•    Core & Posture Exercises
•    Get Fit 101 - Learn the basics to resistance training
•    Basic nutrition



Don't know where or how to start on an exercise and fitness program? This is for YOU!!! 

This program design is 10-30 minute session in 2 weeks.

•    YOU will learn good form, technique and nutrition education
•    YOU will learn accountability
•    YOU will be challenged
•    YOU will GET STARTED on a healthier journey
•    YOU will have fun Getting Fit With Lola


For questions and/or to order: email Lola at getfitwithlola@gmail.com or call Lola at (248) 789-0532.


Payment options:


www.paypaI.com/paypalme/getfitwith Iola