Before your first training appointment we will meet to do some exercise evaluation to get to know what individual needs you have and what goals you'd like to set. While we will primarily be talking and getting to know each other, you'll also want to bring comfortable, movable clothes and clean, dry shoes. For your first session and sessions after, make sure to continue bringing comfortable clothes and dry shoes. 

The First Session and Beyond. . .

Every minute of your appointment is designed specifically for you. To get the most out of our time together, I recommend being ready five minutes prior to the appointment's start time. I'd also recommend turning off any cell phones since this is time for you and your health. You're worth it! 

Cancellation Policy: 

Please cancel by 8 p.m the night before your session to avoid any charges. Call, text, or leave a message at the number (248) 789-0532. 

If you'd like to meet somewhere else than the Get Fit Studio in Novi, travel charges may apply. 

Credit cards are accepted forms of payment; feel free to prepay and save!